Two Pennies

Mage and Jennie are excited when they hear Beanie Brothers Circus is coming to Cheekwater. Their excitement is short lived when they realize the circus fortune teller -Maybelle a backslidden preacher's daughter and her henchman Tom Tom want to steal the magic pennies she found in the coin bag from the Bank.

Original songs with vocals from Mark Slaughter and wonderful animation from Hippo 3D make this the most exciting animated film yet from Boat Angel the creators of Donkey Ollie.

Jake and The Giants

Jake and his twin sister Joanie survive a devastating attack on their peaceful village of Shiloh by gold-hungry giants and their monkey henchmen. The twin's find their family and friends have been taken prisoner and being held as slaves to mine the gold in the giant's mountain stronghold.

With no one to turn to, Jake and Joanie set off into the woods to rescue their family and friends. Along the way they are helped by a wizened owl, an albatross, and a band of beavers as they dare to defy the giants and take back their loved ones no matter the cost.

The musical adventure features songs such as, "Never Too Small", "Ho Ho Ho Ho", and "Monkey's Don't Fly" that will delight family-friendly animation fans everywhere, young and old.

Hall of Fame

Alex Wonderboy, soon to be father and the lead singer of the sensational Rock and Roll band NLO, dies during a performance. The band and his girlfriend are left devasted.

Seventeen years later, the band has another chance at stardom and the young progeny of Alex Wonder, Alex Sweeny, steps up and competes to be the newest member of the band.

Under the Bridge

A single father enjoys time with his daughter playing chess. Their lives are forever changed as eviction wrecks their home and they are deemed homeless.

When Lily’s father is beaten and hospitalized she is forced to take care of herself. Her courage is with her as she goes through the system but still desires to win it all.

King's Man

Three young girls are kidnapped by a cross-dressing modeling agent in Mexico. Their aunt and church pastor must go above and beyond, against all odds, armed by their faith to rescue the girls from an abusive and imprisoned life of underground child modeling.

Fallen Idols

This documentary style film chronicles the lives of 4 professional champion skateboarders as they are redeemed from a life of drugs and criminal activity brought on after their rise to fame.

These real stories are captured from them, their loved ones and friends and put into a griping message about the consequences of drug abuse.

Sugar Baby

The lives of three young girls are changed forever when they are asked to take care of an infant girl "Sugarbaby."

The girls learn to juggle their star filled aspirations while street-dancing to make money to live and support the baby. A turn of events puts the girls on the run and in fear of their own and Sugarbaby's lives.

Federal Case

When a teen couple becomes pregnant a town's morality is put to the test. The couple faces difficult choices and decisions with issues including abortion, future prospects, family division and legal issues.

Inside Out

A young man by the name of Trang loses his only caregiver, his mother, to cancer along with his faith in God. A girl tries to convince him to practice witchcraft, but with the help of a few old church friends and the Christmas Spirit he realizes that God never abandons his children.

Red Corvette

When a young man stumbles upon a stash of marijuana he puts his life and the lives of his friends and girlfriend at risk while he loses his conscience to sell it on the streets.

Northern Light Orchestra Concert

Enjoy the Holiday Classics in this amazing rock and pop isnpired live musical performance. Watch as talented musicians ring in the christmas season accompanied by a dazzling light show to portray the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Circus Maximus

The 5th film from the Adventures of Donkey Ollie, Ollie's brother's join a gang and are captured!

As punishment they are sent to Rome to be eaten by lions. Donkey Ollie and Jehu must then face the Roman Empire as they fight to rescue their friends from the grand arena!