eBay Auction Frequenty Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the $300 fee?

A: This is an additional processing fee added to the final sale price. This fee covers charity expenses to process the donation and subsequent sale.

Q: Do you have the title and is it free and clear of all liens?

A: Every item donated must be free and clear of all liens. Many items do have either a title, transferable ownership documents, or registration that every DMV recognizes for you to transfer ownership document into your name. If donors do not provide the proper documents they are listed for parts. If donor claims to have proper documents and fails to provide them you may be eligible for a refund of the purchase price.

Q: Are the slip fees paid to date?

A: All slip fees should be paid up to the date of sale, unless otherwise stated, as we request our donors to notify us of all money due to the marina. If not, Boat Angel will pay the marina or storage yard in full when possible. Boat Angel is not responsible for slip fees incurred after the sale date.

Q: How long after the auction ends do I have to pick the item up?

A: We require all items to be picked up within 4 days of the auction ending unless permission is granted by the donor/marina. Boat Angel is not responsible for slip fees incurred after the sale date. Some exceptions apply, unless otherwise stated.

Q: Are the pictures recent?

A: The photos should not be any older than two weeks. We send all our donors a disposable camera in order to have recent photos. In some cases very rarely the donors will send us older photos.

Q: Do you have any additional photos?

A: We post on the ad every photo we have of the item. Unfortunately, our donors are not professional photographs and do not always take photos of the interior, engine, etc. THERE IS NOW A LINK WITHIN THE AD THAT TAKES YOU TO LARGER UNEDITED PHOTOGRAPHS.

Q: Can the item be shipped over seas?

A: It would be up to the buyer to schedule shipment of an item. We recommend Kuehne & Nagel for shipping. In order to contact them you can use any online search engine and type Kuehne & Nagel shipment. Please note that these items still need to be moved promptly after the auction.

Q: Do I get a tax deduction for purchasing the item?

A: No. You are receiving a good for your money and therefore, it is not a donation.

Q: Why can I not place a bid on this item?

A: Our bidder restrictions are as follows: Bidders from countries we do not ship to are blocked. Bidders with a -1 or lower feedback are blocked. Bidders with 2 unpaid item strikes in the last 30 days are blocked. Bidders that have won or are currently winning 2 of our items.

Q: Do you provide any help with shipping boats?

A: We do not coordinate or arrange shipment of any of our items. We recommend Uship.com for most cars and boats. For larger boats, 30 feet and larger, we recommend CaptainEdHoyles.com

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