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Inner-City Help Squads

It is important to share our best with those who through no fault of their own find themselves economically disadvantaged. We have done outreaches throughout the world (Ethiopia, Romania, Mozambique, Peru, Mexico, India, Guatemala and Philippines) and in the USA primarily in San Diego, Washington DC, and Phoenix.

Medical Care & Childbirth

We have been involved in health care for over twenty years including funding a complete operating room for facial surgeries and providing pregnancy care which has benefited hundreds of impoverished families. We recently WELCOMED the birth of the 500th NEWBORN.

Vehicles & Elementary Schools

In addition to funding schools in undeveloped communities we have also purchased a vehicle to transport the children and teachers.

Housing & Youth Rescue

Children have been victimized by systematic poverty and so we have funded rescue efforts and housing.

Rehab & Restoration

Our unique documentary programming identifies extreme substance abuse among youth. This is a crisis that has brutally scarred our cities and disproportionately affected minority communities. We have dedicated extensive resources to stem this tide.

Community Events & Outreach

A large part of our mission is providing for free youth and family events which benefit whole communities. Our events have been held at universities, schools, parking lots and parks both worldwide and throughout the United States.

Sports Camps & Activities

We have hosted multiple sports camps that emphasize living a healthy lifestyle and staying in shape. We have sponsored a national tournament and plan to do others.

Creation & Distribution

Our colorful materials have been translated into seventy languages. We have seen them printed and used in many nations bringing joy to children.

Prison Youth Facility Programs

We have come alongside correctional facilities to address illiteracy nationwide. The majority of those imprisoned are from a diverse and growing minority population and low-income communities. Our inspirational materials have been well received resulting thousands of letters of appreciation.

Micro-Enterprises & Food Deprivation

Global food security is a pressing challenge, with nearly one in ten people grappling with malnutrition. In response to this crisis, we have initiated and supported multiple water projects to improve access to this vital resource. Recently, we've partnered on a venture to construct community bread ovens. They are more than just a source of sustenance; they serve as the cornerstone for burgeoning micro-enterprises that deliver dual benefits: generating employment opportunities and providing essential nourishment.

Indigenous Persons Outreach

We created the animated film "Two Pennies" specifically to support and uplift our extensive indigenous communities. This compelling film, which delves into their culture, was distributed at no cost to Tribal councils. Additionally, the project reached a broader audience by being screened in theaters, allowing us to share its impactful message with a diverse range of viewers.

Preschool & Daycare Outreach

Many of our inner-city daycares, situated within private homes, churches, and community centers, often lack the substantial resources necessary to foster the full potential of children from economically deprived households. When implemented, these resources can greatly assist these children to thrive and, ultimately, become productive wage earners later in life. We have consistently provided a range of entertaining and self-confidence-boosting materials at no cost. The overwhelmingly positive response we've received underscores the impact of our efforts.

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Boat Angel is a multicultural Domestic Nonprofit Organization
Formation Date: 2/24/2004

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African Outreach Program Director
Dr. Hizkias Fako
African Outreach Program Director, Dr. Hizkias Fako
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George Nadavallil, CPA
North American Finance Director, George Nadavallil, CPA
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