Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will I be contacted concerning vessel removal?

A: From the day we receive your donation package in our office it is generally 2 weeks until you will be contacted, we will leave a message if we do not speak to you directly. You will release all ownership information to the individual picking up the vessel.

Q: I need my boat picked up immediately, what do I do?

A: You will need to contact us immediately so we can start making arrangements to get your boat moved. We can move some boats faster if absolutely necessary.

Q: Will I receive fair market value (FMV) for my donation?

A: You may receive full fair market value for your donation if the charity makes a material improvement to the donated item. Please check the fair market value consideration box on the front of the submission form. Material improvement is purchased by the charity. All improvements are in the areas of entertainment, communication and safety devices.

Q: What do I do about my slip/marina fees?

A: We ask that all donors bring all fees current at the time you return the package. If fees are incurred while the title and boat are in our possession we will take care of the fees. Call to discuss overdue fees.

Q: Am I required to send in my Title with the donation package?

A: Yes, at least a photocopy, however it is much easier for us to move the vessel and deal with marinas if we retain original title.

Q: What if I do not have a Title/Registration for this donation?

A: If you do not have a title/registration then please call our office.

Q: The title is not in my name, will I still get a tax donation value?

A: We can only provide a tax donation value to the person listed as the owner of the vessel on the title. Please call us if you have any title/registration questions.

Q: When will I receive my tax receipt?

A: The receipt will be emailed/mailed immediately upon finalizing the donation process.

Q: What do you want me to do with the camera?

A: Please take as many pictures as you feel necessary, minimum of 15. Please see the front page of your donation packet for more details.

Q: Why do I have to sign the Boat Donation Submission Form?

A: This certifies that you are donating and gives our charity Power of Attorney so that we can transfer the vessel more easily.

Q: What if my boat doesn't sell in your charity auction?

A: We have sold many boats and have a very large audience watching and bidding in our auctions. Approximately 95% of all boats sell within 7 days. Please contact us if you need quicker service. We can not guarantee the removal of boats with no value.

Q: What if my boat has sunk?

A: If your vessel has sank or taken on large amounts of water you need to contact us prior to sending back the donation packet.

Q: What if I can not provide pictures, due to the boat being too far away?

A: We must have photographs of all donated items, if you can not provide them we need you to contact us immediately so we can arrange to get photographs. We utilize a network of photographers to obtain the photographs.

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