By working together with national and international corporations and charities we have been effective in getting the most out of our charity programs. Their spirit of giving and generosity is contagious. We are deeply thankful to the following sponsors. They are some of the largest corporations in the world and yet they take time to help others. We are also grateful to our countless donors throughout the United States who have responded to our requests for boat and car donations and given sacrificially.

  1. Clear Channel Media. Clear Channel Media is one of the largest radio station and outdoor advertising companies in the United States . We are tremendously thankful to Clear Channel for their corporate sponsorship of Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center. Without their continual help throughout the United States many of our charity programs would have gone unfunded. They believed in us when we were first starting out. It means a lot to know others care.
  2. Lamar. Lamar is one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the United states. Over the years Lamar continued sponsorship of advertising space has proven to be extremely valuable to our cause. They have always been supportive of our various programs and have provided advertising space for us wherever possible. Without their continued patronage it would have been almost impossible to let the public know of what we do. We are deeply indebted to Lamar company and their committed staff.
  3. EBay. The largest online auction service in the world with a heart for helping charities, EBay through their Mission Fish program has helped our charity raise countless needed funds and given us a platform to let thousand know about our programs. They provide a lifesaving platform, excellent business advice and honest accounting enabling us to sell our donations to over eighty million registered EBay buyers.
  4. Aberle Films. We are thankful for the hundreds of thousands of printed and copyrighted Donkey Ollie books that have been created by Aberle Films and have effectively enabled to reach out to juvenile facilities, orphanages and Sunday School both in the USA and Ethiopia. We receive many letter from parents grateful for our free materials
  5. Google Play. One of the largest media conglomerates in the world Google Play is a division of Google and has Boat Angel Outreach Center enabling us to get our message out through the Android App system at no cost. We have logged over one thousand download of our Tales of Donkey Ollie children's series thanks to this free service offered on google play.
  6. Salvation Army Thrift Store. We are thankful for many sweaters and t-shirts furnished to us for low cost by the Phoenix and Scottsdale thrift stores. You have helped our promotions greatly.
  7. MegaPath. We are thankful for the low phone and computer rates furnished to us by the excellent VOIP Megapath service. Our phone system works very nicely.
  8. Modamin Productions Through the hard work of Kent at Modamin Productions we have been able to complete animations which will be distributed worldwide. Hyderbad India Our programs effectually bring our message of bravery, honesty, courage, love and truth to the world's most neglected group- children. Under the direction of Kent Butterworth our project have developed seamlessly.
  9. Walgreens. Walgreens is the world's largest drug store photo development chain and their service managers have continually shown us courtesy by giving us excellent photo development service on the products vital to our fundraising. It is no wonder they have expanded so greatly.
  10. Lampro Laminating. We give thanks to Lampro for all of our prison and children's materials which they have laminated professionally thus increasing the life and usage of them in the educational realm. They have worked around the clock to meet our deadlines and used top quality materials.
  11. Boat Angel Outreach Center Ethiopia. We're thankful for the leadership of Hizkias Fako and he has guided our outreach team to years of unprecedented growth. His communication skills, training skills have enabled our programs not only to spread out to other large organizations but to over sixty locations. We are also grateful for the translations of our Sunday School materials into Amharic.
  12. IRIS MINISTRIES PEMBA has provided translation services for our children's programs throughout Mozambique. We are excited for the future potential as they continue to change the lives of children and students throughout this great African Nation..
  13. Global Awakening is the world's leader in sponsoring likeminded apostolic outreaches under the leadership of Rev Randy Clark. Boat Angel Outreach Center is glad to be a part of this association we are thankful for their partnership and for their many conventions.. We are also thankful for their continual prayers
  14. Amazon Prime The generosity of Amazon offering free shipping on boat related projects has given us the opportunity to grow without so many of the mistakes that are made by ordering from other companies for that we will always be indebted. We are thankful for their sponsorship of both our online cloud server They provide vision, leadership and a heart of compassion.
  15. Mercy Ships: We thank the crew of the African Mercy for allowing us to sponsor one of their operation rooms where hundreds and thousands of desperate people have received crucial needed medical care.. They are a leading charity in the United States and Great Britain to have our name associated with theirs is a privilege indeed.
  16. Adobe: One of the most successful software companies in the world and a great benefactor we are thankful for the help they have given us by offering us non-profit rates allowing us to make the many films for teenagers we have been able to create.
  17. Red Giant: We are thankful for the great video editing software and their low non profit rates.
  18. Next Actor: We are grateful to the crew of Next Actor Houston who have produced four teenage films for us that have all won awards are are currently shown worldwide
  19. Southwest Airlines. We are thankful for their generosity and their many free travel coupons and vouchers which has saved our charity countless needed funds. Keep up the good work.
  20. Sonic Phish One of the most successful recording engineers in the USA and certainly one of the most creative Sonic Phish has provided audio film services helping us perfect our message through great audio. Thank you Ken Mary and the staff at Sonic Phish.
  21. Global Celebration We are thankful for their help and guidance of Georgian and Winnie Banof and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship reaching the world for Christ.
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