Donate Your Boat For Charity

Boat Angel Outreach Center is very effective at processing donated boats, jetski's and yachts. We have years of experience with boats of all ages, sizes and descriptions.

We can convert your unwanted boat into funds with a great value for our charity and charity programs.

Our process is simple and painless:

Call 1-800-227-2643 to Contact Us Now! or fill out our form online.

We send you out a receipt via e-mail and shortly you will get a package in the mail with a form and instant disposable camera so we can get pictures of the boat and establish a record of it's condition. We have established a track record of donated boats and trailers and the overwhelming majority of them are able to be moved in 7 to 14 days of receiving the package back from you.

In many cases if needed we can move your boat and trailer immediately.*

If your boat has substantial value we can make material improvements which will allow you to claim the full fair-market value as a tax deduction. On items of significant value we can also assist the donor with moving and storage costs.** If your boat has but little value we are also able to assist you in most cases. We cannot guarantee the removal of boats with no value.*** Our overall success rate of moving donated boats with trailers exceeds 90%.


* This is more often available for boats or jetskis with trailers.

** Please call to inform us of any overdue storage/repair bills or if the boat is unable to be moved due to condition or location. In some cases storage yards, property owners, and marinas have regulations that prevent what types of boats can be moved or stored.

*** The IRS allows Boat Angel Outreach Center to process boat, jet ski, and trailer donations for the sole purpose of allowing the charity to earn funds towards the fulfillment of our stated charitable purpose. In the event that Boat Angel discovers that the boat has no value, we will return the paperwork to you promptly. You will not be responsible for our costs.

Donate your used boat. Help Us Help Others.

We Love Yachts! -- Donate Now!

Call us free-of-charge at 1.800.227.2643



*This is more often available for boats or jetskis with trailers.


**Please let us know regarding past due storage on your item or if any condition of the boat prevents it from being moved as storage yards and marinas often have regulations about the types and conditions of boats which can be stored.

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