Animation Education. Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center is producing a series of animated DVD's for free distribution to libraries and preschools. Emphasizing morality, truthfulness and bravery the Donkey Ollie adventure series are expected to impact the lives of millions.

Below is an excerpt from our introduction of the Adventures of Donkey Ollie.

Our series concentrates on the virtues of honesty, mercy, love , respect and courage.

Dear Friend and Boat Angel Visitor,

My name is Donkey Ollie the youngest of four brothers. Your boat donation is making it possible for me to tell my story to millions of children across the world. It's a story that they need to hear. My life was impacted when I gave Jesus a ride into Jerusalem. I will never forget that day and the night he found me crying because I was sad.

My two young masters Elizabeth and Jehu were about the kindest humans anyone could meet and they had my most devout loyalty and indirectly were probably the reason my life was so full of excitement. They rescued me and I rescued them, but through it all we learned the importance of loyalty and friendship.

I had this series of adventures recorded to give the children in the twenty-first century an idea what life was like in the first century and even more than that I wanted them to know that no matter what dangerous circumstances they found themselves in Jesus was always there to help. I didn't think when I started recording them that this many kids would really like them, but I guess that it is unusual for a donkey to talk and sing.

I am happy that thousands of children have enjoyed my recorded adventures but like all aspiring thespians my heart longs for the silver screen. Yes someday I want my own star on Hollywood Boulevard next to Donald Duck and Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as the hundreds of other animated characters who have come to life both on the silver screen and in the hearts of children everywhere. I may never win an academy award, but I hope that I will win your heart.

My adventures have covered years and taken me all over the Roman Empire which when I lived was pretty much the ruling power. I have been rescued from lions, shipwrecks, kidnapping and along the way I have made some great friends and really seen that God is always faithful and always answers prayers though not always in the ways we expect Him too.

Thanks everyone,

Donkey Ollie

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