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International Relief for Children. Boat Angel Outreach Center recently built a school for 10,000 in Kampala Uganda to help combat terrorism and training funded by militant North African religious zealots. It is estimated in the next 20 years over 200,000 students will receive a free k-12 education.

No matter what the situation in life children always find themselves on the bottom rung and are being trampled on. Society's ills always trickle down and impact our smallest most vulnerable citizens who do not have the resource to shield themselves from the fallout of mankind's failures to live and peace with one another and follow God's simplest of commands. "Love others as you love yourself."

During famines adults will go hungry but children will starve to death. It is children worldwide who suffer from preventable diseases and are targeted by pornography and prostitution rings. During the past twenty years ten times more children have died in wars then soldiers.

There is no argument that the sins of the world spill onto it's children, affecting them for decades. Despite the fact that we live in a rich abundant world that has the clean water, energy and food to sustain every living creature over two out of three children that die before the age of five do so because of lack of food. Please help us help them.

This is why Car Angel c/o Boat Angel Outreach Center supports so many children and children's programs. They can't fight for themselves. We must fight for them . Thank you for your help.

Don't let them suffer silently donate your boat and make a difference.

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