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inmate in jail with police officer standing

Reaching out to those in Prison. We are happy to support the Boat Angel Outreach Center outreach into juvenile, county state and federal prisons. Through their partnership with Reignbow Media the charity is on target to surpass the one million mark in free literature sent to prisons. With the current US budget averaging over forty thousand dollars a year to incarcerate every person and over three million currently serving time. Boat Angel Outreach Center believes it is an extremely beneficial contribution to society to insure that those behind bars are not only punished but rehabilitated. Why send them back to the streets without training to be better citizens? It is a waste of resources and money. Why not help to shorten their sentances by deverting your charitable contribution to a program that is proven to work.

We have received thousands of letters from juvenile offenders both male and female and even hard core repeat offenders have send us letter telling us, "We love your books. Please send more." Chaplains and wardens have written us from across the United States praising us for reaching out to those in prison.

Our ministry generated materials are aimed to the mindset of a lawbreaker who has received very little guidance in the knowledge and exercise of societal responsibilities and the basic virtures of respect, honesty, truthfulness, love, mercy and kindness. With twenty-four hours a day to be occupied we believe it is a good thing to direct the prisoners minds and hearts in ways that will ultimately be beneficial to themselves and to society in general. With our government and taxpayers outlaying hundreds of billions of dollars for incarceration, we believe aiding in the rehabilitation of those behind bars serves everyone.

Thank you for helping us help those behind bars and set them on the right track. It is estimated that Boat Angel Outreach Center prison programs have saved taxpayers almost two hundred million dollars.


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