Maternity Ward for Pregnant Women and Training

Boat Angel has provided a recently opened birthing clinic where pregnant women may come for medicine and professional clinical child birthing services. Every week children are born with the mothers travelling hundreds of miles to seek out services. They receive childbirth education, formula as well as much love and kindness. The Maternity Ward is called Barb's Babies.

Boat Angel Outreach Center's ongoing partnership with Iris Ministries has provided a fully built out Maternity Clinic: beds, blankets, and medical equipment needed to safely deliver babies in Mozambique were funded with our charity boat sales. Your boat donation goes a long way to providing for continual funding as hundreds of children are born in this developing country. Most of these mothers had no safe place to give birth which often resulted in an unnecessary loss of life and broken hearts all around. "I was sick and you visited me." Those are the words of Jesus.

There is nothing more joyful than seeing a child is born because you cared.

Boat Angel was responsible for funding one of six operating rooms on the hospital ship African Mercy owned by Mercy Ships because of our past funding, hundred received free medical operations in ports throughout the world. This ship is still in operation and providing services around the world. Thanks for your help.

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